We live in an information age, which means that information and data are incredibly relevant. The technological achievements of the last few decades have made it possible to collect vast amounts of data digitally and then to transfer, process and trade with them via global networks. The economy in particular is concentrating more and more on adapting its products and services to customer requirements and uses information from and about potential and existing customers for this purpose. In the course of technological progress, there is a constant transfer of data in social life: As soon as you make an online purchase, for example, the system remembers the information and data is transmitted and personal data is processed. Based on this data, the user can be recommended similar products and the company can increase its sales. Data transmission is therefore an important success factor, especially in business. What is the downside of data transmission and automated data processing? If data is further processed unencrypted, the information may be freely available to third parties. This can easily lead to data abuse. Since globalization and the social change associated with it, there is strong networking, it is important to protect data.